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Saurashtra University Research Archive

Saurashtra University Research Archive [SURA] is a project of the Central Library of Saurashtra University. It is an online store of freely, publicly, permanently available full text research material produced by staff and researchers at the Saurashtra University and the colleges or institute affiliated to the University. The repository acts as a focus for the University's research output and helps to manage the research process in future. It helps fulfill the University's mission to engender, encourage and disseminate scholarly work.

To provide dedicated support and to share the best practice and to improve the quality of the repository infrastructure, it is divided into three sections with an aim to enhance and develop them as individual repositories.

E-theses repository

It is for full-text electronic copies of theses produced by PhD students from the University. It is an Open Access repository, aiming to make the material available to the widest possible audience, and it supports the national project Shodhganga developed and maintained by Inflibnet.

E-prints repository

It will be an online service developed to host the full-text of published, peer reviewed research material produced by members of the University, and it contains the full text of articles, conference papers, book chapters and other refereed publications.

It is likely to be launched in the month of March 2012.

E-data repository

The Edata repository will be a data sharing and archiving web application. It will contain collections of individual datasets, which you can browse and search for data. It will be a virtual archive where you can store, permanently preserve, distribute, and generally or selectively share your datasets or list data from other data. It ensures that you receive formal scholarly citation credit for your data and more attention for your related writings. It can also increase your web visibility via easy customization that makes your datasets look like a part of your website.

You can upload to your data files and data in any format, but quantitative tabular data in SPSS and STATA forms are made available for extensive services online that include subetting, recoding, and analysis.

It is likely to be launched in the month of September 2012.


Our mission is to

  • sustain and enhance the research reputations of individuals and the institute or colleges affiliated to Saurashtra University.
  • enhance the global research community's ability to access the Saurashtra University research outputs.

    Our aim is to help you to

    storestore, manage and preserve your journal articles, books, working papers and other intellectual assets in a digital form

    depositdeposit fulltext files and comprehensive metadata to maximise the impact and potential of your research findings

    capturecapture/import metadata from external databases e.g. PubMed, arVix, EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley

    displaydisplay and maintain a bibliography of your publications on your personal and other websites

    accessaccess, cite, bookmark and share your scholarly work

    reportcreate a list of publications for a CV, a report for a funding body and other administrative tasks


    Semester End Exam Papers based on Choice based Credit System will also be archived in a separate repository is under consideration.

    Currently, Etheses Repository has been launched and the other two repositories will be coming soon. All the three repositories are provided and maintained by the Central Library of Saurashtra University as a service to the academic community of the University.

    Saurashtra University Research archive is an Open Access repository, aiming to make the material available to the widest possible audience. Material in the repository is available over the Internet and is indexed by search engines including Google Scholar ( and OpenDOAR (Directory of Open Access Repositories By making material freely available in this way it becomes more accessible worldwide, leading to greater visibility and impact of research carried out here at Saurashtra University.

    As per the UGC (Submission of Metadata and Full-text of Doctoral Theses in Electronic Format) Regulations 2005 PDF , Mr Nilesh Soni has initiated the project with the aim to establish a repository service for the University in March 2011.

    Under the able leadership of Mr Sumant Patel, Managing Trustee of Saurashtra Hi-Tech Education Trust who runs Om Vindhyavasini College of IT & Management (OMVVIM) at Morbi has been assigned the responsibility of setting-up, hosting and maintaining the digital repository of Electronic Theses at the Central Library of Saurashtra University.

    The task of designing and implementing the Etheses repository service was undertaken by Mr Kailashkumar V. Natda ([email protected]) as a team leader. His team includes Mr Apurva Kubavat as a Graphic Designer, Mr Chittarth Mehta to create metadata and bibliographic information of the theses to digitize in electronic format and Mr Jignesh Solanki to support and maintain the server configuration.

    Credit also goes to Mr Neelkamal Nimavat for his great support to the team of OMVVIM to make this repository live.